The Social Network

Last Night i watched The Social Network. As an upcoming Graphic Designer i had to say that i found this movie very inspirational in many aspects.The fact that he was able to start it all from a hacking into the school’s network and post a simple survey of which girl was hotter and blogs was great.  It goes to show that there is some much to computer technology that i have yet to learn. Although i dont expect to be taught how to hack into anything,  it just shows how much we dont really know and how much work and effort it takes in running a website. Although he had the idea and put it together it still took a team if interns to help him get it running and started. As well as how much money i took to get the site maintained. Although it all started with a simple $1000, A thousand dollars is a lot of money to just borrow from some one and not expect what the out come of it all is. Im definately going to have to watch it a second time to really get a little more indepth with the process of everything. I took a Flash class at HFCC, and believe me, coding is NOT easy.

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