New York

Now that i have a computer at home i cant actually start my blogs. Ive missed so much already but let me tell you about the New York Trip. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Mostly because i’ve never been any where other than Florida and Michigan. I took this Picture when i first got off the plane. I thought it was unique because in such a simple photo it seemed to represent everything new york was about. And the text of the Poster made it even more clear. And once you actually step into the city, it comes true. So i like the way the photographer was able to capture the true essence of the city. Some pictures, Such as the one’s of the city of detroit can be very misleading. You see a single shot of downtown and you assume that the rest of Detroit is just as nice. But it isnt. In the case of this If someone were to see this and have this idea of New York and actually go there they would be gettinge exactly what they expected. I cant wait to go back!

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